How did Jumping Chihuahua Productions get its name?

When I began the company in 2008, I had a chihuahua, named Louie. Whenever Louie got really excited, he would jump with enthusiasm. I wanted that to be the energy behind my business... I wanted the joy and fervor for life to come through the work we did for our clients.

Behind the Lens:

Stephanie Richardson.

As a portrait photographer, my heart lies in storytelling and capturing the real beauty in life. I have a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing those special moments between planned shots. I aim to create portraits that are not just visually stunning, but emotionally resonant as well.

I believe that every person has a unique story to tell, and my goal is to bring that story to life through the images we create together.

I have been told I have a natural talent for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. So whether you have a natural photo perfect smile or not, I've got you covered.

If you're looking for a portrait photographer who can turn your story into a work of art, look no further. With my passion for storytelling, ability to capture real beauty, and approachable demeanor, I'm the perfect choice for anyone looking to create beautiful impactful photos



“My session with Stephanie was eye opening and a great deal of fun! Thank you sooo much!”

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